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Welcome to the Ethiopian Law Society for Development

About us

Ethiopian law society for development is a charitable society registered and licensed with number 4011 in accordance with Ethiopian charities and societies proclamation 621/2009. The aim of this charitable society is to support the legal machineries and the justice system through research, legal education and practice. Most of our members are licensed attorneys and university professors who have strong devotion towards serving the community by their profession.


Legal Research

To identify and retrieve information necessary to support legal decision-making.


Conducting research in an effective manner that is an essential skill whether you are a student or in practice.

Legal Education

Provide legal education of individuals in the principles, practices, and theory of law. This department entails articles regarding sources of legal research, including journals, textbooks, and popular research services.

Legal Practice

The legal practice department is used to distinguish the body of judicial or administrative precedents, rules, policies, customs, and doctrines from legislative enactments....

Workshops and seminar

Conducting workshops and seminars that provide platforms to educate the community and officials on the Interational and Ethiopian legal affairs.


Provide legal consultation services that is affordable across all social classes

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